Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why become members while we are in good health and able to get services on our own?

A. Membership in Neighborhood Falmouth (NF) is a kind of insurance. Sooner or later the time will come, perhaps suddenly, when we need help in order to continue living in our own homes. If we sign up now, we know that support will be there from staff and members we have come to know. In the meantime, we may avail ourselves of the pre-screened resources and services included in membership, provide our children with peace of mind about our well-being, and perhaps help members of our community through volunteering with NF.

Q. How does the staff handle a member's request?

A. Members call the office at (508) 564-7543 with their request. The office then relays the request to the Coordinator of Volunteers who finds a volunteer to respond. If the member request is for something outside the scope of our volunteers, we will recommend a service provider for hire.

Q. I live in a condo that provides a handyman and some concierge services. Would Neighborhood Falmouth offer me additional advantages?

A. Yes. Neighborhood Falmouth would take you grocery shopping and help you put your purchases away at home. It would arrange for a driver to take you to medical appointments. It would find other members to join with you in activities that you enjoy, such as bridge, book clubs, knitting, etc. The experience of similar groups indicates that a very small percentage of members' needs are for home maintenance.

Q. Isn't Neighborhood Falmouth duplicating services already provided by other agencies in town?

A. No. While there may be some limited overlap, essentially we won't duplicate what's already available through other organizations. We see ourselves as partners with other service agencies in Falmouth, partners who can help members learn all that's available and encourage and facilitate participation in existing programs as appropriate.

Q. Why isn't the membership fee for singles half that for couples?

A. Fees are based on household usage of services. Similar organizations report that single members use at least as many services as couples. In fact, in five years' experience, Beacon Hill Village has found that single members need more services, perhaps because there isn't another pair of helping hands at home.

Q. Will Neighborhood Falmouth help with regular cleaning, or more personal things like showering and dressing?

A. No.Neighborhood Falmouth is not a medical organization. Our volunteer services are limited to things that would not be construed as "hands on" or medical in nature.  Our service providers list may have recommendations of house cleaners and others who can help, for a fee, with other needs.

Q. What role do volunteers play in Neighborhood Falmouth?

A. Many people in Falmouth are already helping neighbors to lead safe and secure lives in their own homes. Neighborhood Falmouth uses the experience of these people, as well as that of new volunteers throughout the town. All volunteers are screened through the Massachusetts CORI system and vetted by the Neighborhood Falmouth staff. Volunteers are supported and guided with background training in whatever areas they wish to volunteer.

Q. What form does the organization of Neighborhood Falmouth take?

A. Falmouth residents age 50 or older who pay Neighborhood Falmouth membership fees become members of a corporation that elect a 15- to 25-member Board of Directors. Directors will be chosen for knowledge and skills that contribute to Neighborhood Falmouth's success, so they may or may not be members, may be younger than 50, or may not be residents of Falmouth. The Board of Directors selects five officers to oversee day-to-day operations. Neighborhood Falmouth is incorporated under Commonwealth of Massachusetts law and has exempt (nonprofit) status under section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code.