Services We Provide

One phone call or email to the Neighborhood Falmouth office connects members with staff and volunteers to help (or, if appropriate, recommendations for professional services*). These needs may include:




Transportation to the grocery store once a week, perhaps with one or two other members, by a staff or volunteer driver who will help take the groceries into your house, or for medical appointments.

Home Maintenance

Light Home Maintainance

Including activities that can be performed by volunteers* such as changing light-bulbs, flipping mattresses, getting your weekly trash to the curb, and hanging pictures.


Technology Assistance

Technology Assistance

Help with operating computers, cell phones, and programmable devices such as thermostats, DVDs, clocks, and watches.


Home Safety Review

Home Safety Review

A safety review of your home and assistance with making needed changes.




Connections to other members who share your interests and hobbies, such as crafts, cars, sports, painting, card games, and others.


cultural events


Social and cultural activities determined by member interests.


home monitoringHome Monitoring/Emergency Pet Care

Home monitoring when you are on vacation, and emergency pet care.


Household Finance Help

Household Accounting Assistance

Help with basic household finances such as bill paying and checkbook balancing.


Telephone Check ins

Telephone Check-ins

Arrangements for daily telephone check-ins (or at other regular intervals) among members or with volunteers.

Suggestions are welcome for other services and activities that will help members live independently, safely, and comfortably for as long as possible in their own homes.

* If a volunteer is unable to resolve the problem, the Neighborhood Falmouth office will help using a list of pre-screened vendors members can trust. These include handymen, housecleaners, plumbers, electricians, tax preparers, rug cleaners, and many others. Members will arrange payment for these professional services directly with the vendors.